Brooklyn stucco experts help you when deciding on new stucco

When adding stucco to your home’s exterior or changing the color of old stucco, the color you choose can affect your home’s curb appeal. With picking stucco color and texture, the variety of possible options can make the process overwhelming. It is a good idea to first purchase samples and do a comparison board, this could prevent regretting a certain texture or color after you purchase 2,000 square feet of it. Stucco base coats are usually a cement-based, plaster-like compound that goes on the outside of your home.

The finish coat can be cement or acrylic based, and you can purchase one with color mixed into it. This coat also helps determine the texture of your stucco based on the amount of aggregates in the mixture. Location and home design can also have a large impact on stucco. For homes in a wooded or forested setting, a varied selection of colors will look nice, for instance those that blend with the environment or those that contrast. On the other hand, adobe look is popular in drier climates and desert settings. Your ideal stucco color should also depend on the design of your home and the environment surrounding it. Most often, Stucco can be used as an exterior covering to create a European cottage look or on Mediterranean or Spanish style homes.

We are here to help.  Here at Sicilian Building, we will walk you through the entire process and help you ensure you pick the perfect stucco to beautify your home.